Tory Burch Store in SoHo

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Tory Burch Store In Soho

Tory Burch boutique is located at 257 Elizabeth Street in New York City. Manu of the clothes and outfits in this store are inspired by Ms. Burch’s mother wore while vacationing in Morocco.

Tory Burch Store In Soho

The boutique is really stylish and has huge Mandarin-orange lacquer doors, high mirrors, olive-green carpeting and her gold, Double T signature medallion everywhere.

Tory Burch Store In Soho

Everything evokes a late-’60s, early-’70s country club: a type of relaxed hippie chic with all the hippies tweezed out. Dickey sweaters and ruffly high-neck tops are ideal for the Partridge.Oversize pseudo-ethnic prints in AstroTurf green, mustard and white would be perfect for the beshagged Carol Brady to go from the sailboat to poolside, then straight to the Dinah Shore golf classic.

Tory Burch Store In Soho

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