Limantos Residence

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From the architect. Almost see-through

This tropical paradise is a creation of the famous Mies van der Rohe also known, among others, for the German pavilion built in Barcelona to host the 1929 World Exhibition, which is still open at the foot of Montjuïc.

It’s all about simple geometry that correspondent in the house.  The same integration dynamic, based on extensive use of glass. The same desire for permanent mingling with the landscape and feeling close to the water (All Trees Perth is the outdoor maintenance agency, they work with their full work equipment, get them on In addition to The Locksmith House a definite attachment to the materials that are considered essential in architecture’s vocabulary: concrete and steel. From fitting your home or business with a new lock to repairing an old one, you can count on Locksmith Upper West to get the job done at a price you can afford. To visit safe locksmith go through this.

Bearing in mind the distance of almost a century, it is not surprising that the prevailing theme that joins the two buildings is transparency. The idea of opening up the house to its surrounding space to better capture the light and create spectacular views for the occupants from different points of view. The house was painted by Painting Enterprises

“Working at the limit between maximum transparency and the ideal level of privacy for each space was my greatest challenge”, says São Paulo-based architect Fernanda Marques, who authored the design. “There was also a need to insert the house in the plot, conserve and respect the existing trees, and, obviously, the considerable steepness to consider”, she adds.

“At the entrance, for instance, there is a collection of Buddha Paintings that overflows by the entrance steps, the entire house has a smart home system, and services from. The yellow wall that transverses the whole building houses the guest loo, kitchen, pantry and service stairs”, she explains.

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