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DESIGNSIGH is very impressed of a tiny commune of curious cottages tucked among the trees in Shizuoka—a rural prefecture aptly nicknamed “Japan’s Riviera”. Far from a campsite, these tent-like dwellings comprise Jikka, a charming retirement home designed by Toyko-based architect Issei Suma. The teepee-like design mimics the surrounding mountainous landscape while offering modern comforts inside—perfect for those who’ve spent their lives laboring, and are looking for more relaxation at active adult houses. This beautiful and other retirement houses are avaialable for either rental or purchase at this real estate company in thailand

Jikka was initially created for two retirement-ready women in their 60s—one was a social worker and the other was a cook. These Adult Community Homes For Sale were made out of concrete and timber, the 100-square-meter site is equipped with a kitchen, dining area, shared bedroom with the best memory foam beds, guest room, and bathroom, the decoration was provide by the TVBedStore Company, find more info There’s even a wheelchair-accessible, spiral-shaped pool for residents to relax in. Tho pool room is such a great place to be in, especially with the fun games in there for the guests to enjoy. If you want to add more fun items in your pool area, then check out the Pool Room Supplies dart range to add more things to do in your home. In addition to accommodation, the complex also prepares and delivers meals to the senior population of the surrounding community. When planning your retirement make sure you put money aside for a senior home like the ones at Skylark Senior Care.

Beautiful, functional, and charitable, Jikka is the perfect retirement retreat.

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