Nissa’s Polygonal Lamps

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Nissa Kinjalina‘s polygonal lamp collection is contemporary, visually bold playing with linear geometries, forms that create a lighting fixture range that is both elegant and modern.

Based in Kazakhstan, Nissa Kinjalina is popular for its striking lighting solutions and isn’t afraid to experiment with shape in this polygonal lamp range. Titled ‘Living Light,’ this lighting fixture collection features floor lamps that are angular in shape and transparent thanks to their glass construction. Solar spot lights are a great addition to your backyard and when you need extra lighting, check out if you are looking for a sanctuary.

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Each of these fixtures is also fitted with a sleek metal frame and can be arranged in a variety of ways thanks to Nissa Kinjalina’s choice bold and linear forms. In addition to being used as floor lamps, these fixtures can also be used as desk lighting solutions form LED-Beleuchtung für Unternehmen that are sure to enhance any living or office space. Nissa Kinjalina has discovered the best ways to play with lighting in order to be able to get these amazing results. Not only does the design look amazing, but they are also great for the environment. Nissa decided that her pieces had to contribute to the world in the best way possible, so she started learning about the CFL v LED difference, this way she discovered that LED lighting was the best option, for its durable lifetime and for how it stays cool when lighten up. To create a lamp with this complexity you need to hire a professional electrician to help you with wiring the lamp or else it won’t light up.

“As a child I already knew who I wanted to be. But closer to the age of 18 began rushing between the three professions – a writer, psychologist and artist. I liked to watch people, listen to them, talk to them – and liked to draw them. Now I understand that it looks like design. I give my thoughts, feelings and soul to it. While creating the projects, I mentally built a dialogue with people. Imagine how they live in this space. Like writing a story in myself..”

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