Moja Kucica

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Have a reason to celebrate? A child’s birthday party, a graduation, an anniversary? Maybe, you don’t need a special reason and just want to decompress and escape city life, have a romantic weekend or want a quiet place to finish that novel you’ve been writing for years? Welcome to The Cottage Moja Kucica! 

Spend a pleasant day at The Cottage or stay the whole weekend. Need help with food and drinks? The staff is there at your service. Arrival is not a problem; come with your vehicle or they will organize the easiest transportation for you (good idea for all that enjoy wine and grappa). Moja Kucica is a wonderful holiday cottage nestled in the beautiful mountains of Croatia. The bungalow can host up to 7 guests…

The atmosphere there is amazing, so peaceful and close to the nature. The whole cottage and the furniture are quite old, but they are all restored and looks fabilous in their new looks, so retro and fresh….It will remind you on your grandma place…!

The food at the cottage is freshly cooked complemented with natural ingredients. All the vegetables are home made and grown naturally in the mountains without any artificial chemicals……..So so eco-friendly. You will have a splendid holiday there, watching the stars almost every night, after you taste the deliciously cooked meals. For the early-mornings enthusiasts, there are regularly yoga classes with one of the best yoga teachers in Croatia…..So do not wonder anymore, take you backpack and go to Croatia, explore and breatheeee …!


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