Maggy Frances

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It’s not super-innovative, it’s not at all avant-garde and it’s not about being trendy,” says the 24-year-old designer Maggy Schultz about her line, Maggy Frances.

The collection is made up of multiples of the same silhouette — skater dress, customizable skirt, hot pants, Italian-wool blazer, silk blouse and cashmere sweater — cut in a variety of prints, plaids and solid colors. “I became pretty unhappy with the way contemporary clothes were looking,” recalls Schultz about her time doubling as a New York University student and stylist’s assistant. “Everything was so on trend that I couldn’t necessarily wear anything in my own way without it being recognizable.”

There is nothing boring about the online-only offering: leafy Indochine printed brocade dresses and minikilts in every tartan color combination imaginable are just the kind of clothes that cool 20-somethings will see and want. Why? Because they haven’t been available en masse and outside of vintage stores until now.



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