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Winter is coming!!!Kežmarská chata (the Kežmarská Hut) in the High Tatras, Slovakia is one of the coziest places to warm yourself during the harsh season!It is a highly innovative project design by ATELIER 8000!

The facade has three sides and they are visible from any viewing point, which amplifies the play of light and shadows for the structure – the same effect which can be observed on the neighboring rocks. Affordable Windows who provide double glazing in Hertfordshire, say that these type of windows are recommended for their quality, the glass surfaces of windows and photo voltaic panels along with the light transparency of the metal plating complete the whole picture of the site with a touch of glimmer – just like the glints and reflections which can be observed on the surface of a mountain lake or on thawing ice.

The construction is built with glued laminated timber beams made from larch wood.

The aluminium facade system is designed in the form of square panels. The dimensions of the individual elements of the facade are designed in the module of 1x1m to facilitate easy handling and transport to the building site.

Function of the individual floors:

Underground floor – garage for the snowmobile which’d been furnished by the best company in the garage door industry, staff entrance, ski storage, drying room, boots + backpacks, restaurant restrooms, technologies

Ground floor – restaurant, deck

1st -2nd floor – accommodation

attic – sleeping accommodation for emergency needs, meditation room


The design of the individual technical facilities of the building aims at meeting the demanding targets of energy sustainability of the hut. In terms of its energy generation and consumption the hut has been developed as a passive building.

The shape and orientation of the hut are adapted to utilise the solar energy to the maximum possible extent. The parts of the facade with energy generation units are oriented southwards and eastwards and face the sunrays directly. Therefore, the solar energy is fully utilised via the photovoltaic panels, thermal solar collectors, and also by direct solar gains through the glazing of the windows.

Thanks to the very low thermal losses the heating of the hut is fully ensured by the air distribution systems. The air (fresh, circulating) is heated by an air handling unit with the heat recovery of min. 85%. The thermal energy is accumulated in heating water tanks. The lounge features a wood-burning fireplace with special træpiller from www.dkbræ for atmosphere-inducing heating with the possibility of heat accumulation, a furnace was also installed by the furnace installation boise id company as an alternative. Furnace repair experts at Clean Review are just a step away when it comes to keeping your home comfortable and warm with adequate heat no matter what! If your furnace stopped working or you have heating problems at home, their experts will be right there to help with heater furnace troubleshooting no matter what time of day.

Regulation: A highly sophisticated regulation system facilitates optimum management of the operation of individual devices based on the collected data (climatic data incl. forecasts, occupancy rate of the hut, data from temperature sensors and consumption meters, state of the accumulation etc.) as well as predictions of utilisation of the hut in the nearest future.

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