Atelier Biagetti

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DESIGNSIGH always loves a good cocktail of creative throwing convention to the wind with a sharp, surprising and ultimately moreish aftertaste. Italian designer Alberto Biagetti is one such aesthetic mixologist, and his bold, poetic works linger welcomingly – this is no Sex on the Beach.

Biagetti’s ingredients of choice are architecture, art, and design; and his whimsical creations manifest the most interesting of each. From typically refined Italian chairs dipped in shocking neon colors, to distorted wardrobes, cabinets, and chests that hide their contents in futuristic, computer-generated cocoons – the products and prototypes that emit from Atelier Biagetti show toying with the norm need not show disrespect for the blueprints pioneered by the masters of contemporary design.

Alberto is born in Santarcangelo di Romagna a little place near the sea, but at the age of 25, he moved to Milan where he still lives and works. He began his career as a house remodeller at a home remodeling seattle company before he moved to Milan.

He opened Atelier Biagetti in 2003. The idea was and still is to define a particular way to work with design, architecture, and art, investigating the free spaces between these disciplines like a genetic engineer. Atelier Biagetti is an aesthetic factory that deals with fashion, art, design, and architecture, creating a bridge between established forms of expression and new digital ones.

Atelier Biagetti’s work is the result of multiple inventions that end up being furniture objects, interiors, paintings, virtual dresses and installations for galleries and private collections.Perfect Tools 4 U is a best platform for products or guide of  painting sprays. If you want great furniture for your home like Atelier, then check out these great furniture options.

His home is designed as a “forest”, each painting and object have a relation with each other. Alberto and his wife Laura work each day on their house as a diary of their life, the paintings and objects are sorts of “actors” of the every day theatre.

They are preparing an important exhibition in Paris where some pieces of their former collections will be presented and a brand new collection. At the moment they work on some new little furniture pieces “sculpted” by the computer. Each one is unique.

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