Cabin Knapphullet

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Тhis small modern cabin is tucked among the rocky topography on a fjord in southeast Norway. Instead of open up the site by clearing the bushes and blasting away some of the rock, the Lund Hagem architects designed a tiny cabin to fit perfectly between the boulders and wind-gnarled trees, tucking it against a rock bluff where it is half-hidden by a thicket of vegetation. Great job guys!

Cabin Knapphullet (“buttonhole”) is like a bridge, with one end of the reinforced concrete roof resting on the bluff and the other end angling down to meet the ground.

The approach path to the cabin squeezes through a narrow gap between the rock face and a glass wall. The cabin has approximately 30 m2 (323 ft2) of inside floor space with a combination living and dining room, a bathroom with glass showers, and an oak sleeping loft suspended from the ceiling by steel rods.

The cabin was designed to provide additional accommodation at the vacation cottage shared by an extended family. There is a wheeled cart stowed under the loft that looks like it is used for preparing light meals and snacks. There is also a partial basement which we guess is just used for utilities and storage, we were told that there was a fix wet basement problems – basement waterproofing service done in this basement since it had several problems before, even though it is used for storage right now it is completely rehabilitated for living. Do you have a wet, leaky basement? Basement Waterproofing Nashville offer a variety of cost-effective basement waterproofing solutions, customized to your home.
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The roof platform also serves as a viewing platform with panoramic, look to the fjord. When it is too windy to enjoy the view, a patio with fireplace, behind the cabin provides an alternative outdoor space enclosed by the surrounding rock and the cabin itself.

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