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Somewhere in Ethiopia, are the Simien Mountains, which are mazes of full deep gorges canyons. The mountains are home to the gelada, sometimes called bleeding heart baboons because of a red patch on the chest of the males. (They are actually not baboons, though they are closely related.) They live exclusively on the short, tough grasses that grow on the Simiens’ slopes.

The gelada baboons are so used to visitors that they hardly notice people anymore. They move in large bands from one patch of grass to another, and you can walk alongside the group and watch a complete range of social behavior unfold right in front of you. You can see the delicate dance between male and female that defines their social structure, and watch the alpha males defend their territory and their harem from aggressors.

If you have the luck to be there or somehow you are there on vacation, you must go next to a band of those monkeys often grazing in a small field of grass near a cliff edge. After watching for about an hour in the field, the entire band of geladas will shift their positions and will encircle you. Then you will be like a part of the landscape.Do not hesitate anymore and grab your backpack, your best friend and go to Ethiopia….a wonderful majestic country with wierd species and so much good vibe and energy..!


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