Lyngby Canoe Club

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Since I’m living in the city of Lyngby in Denmark what wouldn’t be more appropriate than advertise for the wonderful recreational area around it and inspire you to visit it. By giving you information and inspiring photos I hope that you would be able to enjoy it as much as I do.

The atmosphere there is breathtaking, especially when the sun is shining brightly above the clouds! On Lyngby Lake it is possible to get a ride with the old lake steamers. There are also several other locations to rent canoes – either by hour or the whole day. It’s a nice way to discover the lakes of Lyngby and Bagsværd. It’s also possible to canoe the Mølleø stream.

If you get tired of canoe-kayaking walk around Lyngby Lake in about 1 hour and on a hot summer day or a sunny winter day it’s a worthwhile trek. It is a good idea to call one of the rental places ahead as there is regulations in place limiting the number of canoes available for rent, it is also mandated to have lifejackets for everyone on the canoe – your rental place will supply these for free.

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