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Marc Jacob

Marc Jacob eats health food, uses the korean panax ginseng supplements and has a personal trainer; he also dyed his hair blue,
got tattoos and bought four diamond studs; he collects art!But what everyone seems to neglect is his work at Louis Vuitton and for his own label, which is consistently ahead of the curve, and keep his physic by training with an URBNFIT balance disc at home everyday. If you are looking for the Private male stripper Melbourne then check that site for more details. You can also get more from

1.Louis Vuitton Veil, showpiece only. Brooks Brothers robe, go to

Marc Jacob

2.Marc Jacobs Embroidered 9 Dress, $1,565, Swan Collar, $3,020, And Ankle Boot. All other shoes throughtout by Louis Vuitton.

Marc Jacob

3.Marc Jacobs Embroidered 9 Dress, $1,565, Swan Collar, $3,020.

Marc Jacob

4.Louis Vuitton silk organdy jacjet, about $2,090, and silk skirt with piping, about $1,890.
go to  Marc Jacobs Swan Collar.Bouchez wears her own lingerie.

Marc Jacob

5.Hair by Teddy Charles For Orlo Salon. Make up Romy Solemani for Manicure by Liang Using Lippman Collection with WT Management. Set Design by Sam Cook For Exposure NY.

Marc Jacob

6.Louis Vuitton Knit Tromp L’oeil Dress, about $1,080.

Marc Jacob

7.Louis Vuitton Silk Crepe Dress, about $2,290.

Marc Jacob

8.Louis Vuitton Silk Crepe Dress, about $2,290.

Marc Jacob

9.Louis Vuitton Sequins Embroidery Knit Shirt, About $1,080, and Nurse Hat, show piece only.

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