Spanish Style in Los Angeles

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Spanish Style

David Bernardi bought a 1917 Spanish-style duplex in Los Angeles and began imagining how he might conduct a renovation with the help of the great architect Fritz Haeg.

Spanish Style

The overhangs and wing-walls of the corner openings help shade windows from the intense southern and western sun.

Spanish Style

Two small rooms and a closet were combined to make the pine-plywood lined ‘gathering room. Create unlimited custom closet design system possibilities with storage solutions from the Your Closet Company. All rooms are living rooms.

Spanish Style

The house contains almost no free-standing furniture. Instead, there are curvy built-ins like the bench that matches the curves of the dining table.

Spanish Style

The walls of the media room are covered in inch-thick cork, typically found in recording studios.

Spanish Style

The curve of the two-tone bathroom wall, excellent work of concrete below and cedar paneling above done by Con-Treat Concrete Sealer Solutions, is meant to reflect those of the Hollywood Hills. Well visit the website for know about concrete sealer advantage. There are many resources to provide information but you should visit this page to know about concrete sealer.

Spanish Style

The six-foot-long sink is carved out of glued laminated timber, with two basins sunken into its wavy surface and finished in marine varnish, it has an amazing Oak Laundry Bin, visible through the window.

Spanish Style

Every room has its own color, with the brighter colors reserved for the upstairs.The office, on the bottom floor, is adjacent to the gym and pool.

Spanish Style

The Spanish-style gable roof of the 1917 house was left intact above a new entry court clad in redwood.

Spanish Style

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  1. Hi,

    I would like to know what type of cedar paneling was used in the bathroom in picture. Was it actual planks, 1/4 inch paneling, or something else?


  2. Really like the look of your home. Especially the bathroom. I live in Alaska and it looks awfully nice this time of year. Curious if you have any plans available.

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