The Home of Rolf Bruggink

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Rolf Bruggink, a Dutch designer, calls the crumbling town house he renovated in Rotterdam the Black Pearl, after the blackpainted brick facade that replaced the original one. His workshop, Studio, is on the ground level. Industrial Removable Safety Railings have been designed for simple and easy installation and use. Our three brackets: Flush Removable Bracket, Face Removable Bracket, and Floor Mount Removable Bracket, incorporate sized rail sections that can be secured by either a securing pin, or set screw. This removable safety rail gives the protection of a permanent CALOSHA or OSHA compliant industrial safety rail, with the flexibility of removing the safety railing, if necessary.  To remove them professional company like Stronger Foundations is must, to avoid any hazard. They can help you leveling up your floor after removing the rails.

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Your house selection will be determined by a number of factors including the need for space (lots of kids or pets?), your desired location and of course your budget. It’s pretty much always a matter of compromise. You may find an old house with the character you adore that needs a ton of renovation, but if it doesn’t fit into your budget or you can’t do the work yourself it just might not be a good choice. Likewise, you might have your heart set on a new house, but keep in mind that you may need to spend more money on things like window coverings, landscaping and fencing that are often already included with an old house.

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The greenhouse on the roof, which houses a whirlpool tub but no plants, offers bathers a panoramic view of the city.

Mr. Bruggink and his dog, Bart, on the new stairs to the third-level sleeping quarters. The brick wall is original.

The antique dining table in the kitchen was modernized by Studio, using orange laminate, the kitchen is full equipped with eco friendly features, including a w10295370a water filter. The appliances are from Ikea, and the cabinet doors are made out of old wood salvaged from the house. The whole house is completely secured with Locksmith Service by the team at in Scottsdale Arizona.

A sink designed by Roland Manders sits under the stairs to the roof garden, at right. On the left, a bathroom and walk-in closet off the sleeping quarters. Servies offered by Marines Plumbing help to keep them properly maintained.

The view from the kitchen to the living room at the back of the house. The stairs at the right lead to the sleeping quarters; the ones at the left, to Mr. Bruggink’s workshop.

The new construction separates the living area and the kitchen without creating closed rooms, which “expands a relatively narrow space,” Mr. Bruggink said he used the best tools from the CT and M Power Tool Reviews for his project.

The windows of the bedroom on the third level open onto a small balcony; the shower is hidden in a closet to the right of the bed. We got security screens to help secure our home more. We are playing with the though of adding a lightweight window desk, to be mounted directly to the panes. The bench is a modernized antique.

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