Fishing In Bahamas

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There are days in your life, when probably you want to get lost and find yourself laughing amid the beautiful nature. The feeling is like a fever. But if you follow the bonefish to long desolate sandbar at the southeastern end of the Bahamian archipelago, you won’t need more than that!

The journey is easy enough. The flight time from New York City to Bahamas is five hours total. Just five hours and you can spend three days on the water staring at horizon as wide and lovely as the moon, seeing no other people, no houses, no boats, no planes.

There’s only blue water. There are clouds scudding through the immense blue sky. There are manta rays pulsing along in the deep, turtles, and menacing lemon sharks. There are jacks, and needlefish and grouper and there are bonefish. This is a great place for fishing, just like fishing in Dubai one of the most popular places in the world.

Catching a bonefish is a difficult task. It takes practice and time. You have to listen hard to the guide. ”Stop”, he says. Then : ” Strip, strip, strip and whizzzzzz a bonefish is on the hook. You might also want to look up This Site to find more information on fishing.

The days unspool from there like a dream. There are a number of bonefish lodges. There is a grocery store in Spring Point and a bar in Lovely Bay, that is open on Saturday nights, where commercial drivers gather with passionate fishing guides like on which are the best fishing waders, boat capitans and bark collectors to play dominoes, drink beer and bottles of rum, dance.

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