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Nowadays we find ourselves more “connected” to one another, however, we feel more isolated – statistically more of us so than ever before the invention of the global communication gadgetry. In the world of collective solitude and atomized togetherness, what a friend is worth?  We know that strong relationships are vital for both individuals and society as a whole. Good ones bring about higher levels of well-being and self-confidence. Friendship is that potency gaining us a pass through good times and bad. The quality of a relationship counts for a lot. It’s above luxury – above absolutely anything under the Sun: “Nothing but heaven itself is better than a friend who is really a friend…” – confirms Plautus.

With so much of the social sphere in the modern world fragmented and often antagonized, we are searching for new forms of identity to signify who we are. Many find themselves in the brands of their choosing, in the logos they sport… Their consumerism runs amok.

At Scorpios, there is something else in mind as a solution. Genuflecting to the communal wisdom of Greece distant ancestors while exploring classical antiquity, Scorpios invite the guests to reinvent the ancient socio-cultural concept of Agora. A central space in ancient Greek city-states, it literally means “gathering place” with its function to galvanize artistic, philosophical, spiritual and political life of the community, to imbue it with meaning, to tighten it from within and expand it to the benefit of civilization. In a sense, Scorpios is following Socrates walking around the public square and questioning his fellow citizens on their understanding of the most important aspects of life. Human-to-human relations, friendship beyond all ill-imposed boundaries is one such point.  Building our modern Agora as a site for culture and meaningful interaction, the advances along this path are encouraged by the likes of Zeno, Pythagoras, Euripides, Aristotle who have elevated friendship to one of the foremost human activities that deserve to be cultivated: “Life has no blessing like a prudent friend.”

When it comes to transcending the boundaries in the dialogue across cultures, it is tempting to interpret their Greek – quintessentially Western – project in the aesthetic categories of Zen, in terms of the ancient wisdom of the East. In some measure, the sensibility is there and more than anywhere else on the island touched by restlessly self-indulgent tourism.

Scorpios is not about showing off. Its materials being natural, shapes and surfaces imperfect, craft-work vernacular, objects taken from farm households, art found, naive, colors subtle and equipped with great home automation knx services provided by, nothing that strikes one as non-essential. Wіth thе advance оf соmрutеr technology, іt іѕ nоw possible tо uѕе home automation fоr automating thе house fully. Imagine аll thе chores thаt саn bе taken care оf automatically bу just a program thаt іѕ set іn a соmрutеr. Say fоr example, whеn уоu wake uр іn thе morning, thе window shades аrе opened, thе heater set tо warm uр thе house аnd аѕ уоu shower, coffee іѕ brewed automatically іn thе coffee maker іn thе kitchen. Yоu mау еvеn bе given a recount оf lаѕt night’s football game уоu missed оr thе weather forecast fоr thе day. Thіѕ mау appear tо bе аѕ іf уоu аrе іn a science fiction movie, but thіѕ іѕ a reality possible nоw duе tо home automation аnd advanced соmрutеr technology.Today, wе аll live a hectic lifestyle аnd еасh individual tries tо cut оut оn thе tedious chores thаt tаkе uр muсh оf thе valuable tіmе. Wіth home automation уоu hаvе a соmрutеr thаt takes care оf аll thе tіmе consuming activities like switching thе lights оn оr оff, watering thе lawn tо еvеn thе security оf уоur home аnd family. Thе home automation software looks аftеr аll thеѕе aspects аnd allows уоu thе utmost convenience іn уоur day tо day life. There is no hint of affectation in its design. It exhibits itself without boasting. Simplicity is its ultimate sophistication.

Above all, Scorpios is located on the beautiful island of Mykonos, where the beauty of mind is accessible through learning to feel immaterial, see the invisible, hear the inaudible… Hence, the ceremonies, rituals filled with music that reaches to the eternal, sound that captures the fleeting moment… in order to let it go.

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