The Family Love Tree

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Omg! We are totally in love with THE FAMILY LOVE TREE ! DESIGNSIGH bump into very creative Australian brand that draws on the energy and ingenuity and rushes around this eclectic and creative city, but with a peaceful and seductive tone that comes from their love for all things lush, loose and harmonious.

Handcrafted globally, they are committed to never mass producing and always protecting the lives and environments of the beautiful communities who help create their products. The label clash colours with textures and regularly break the decorating rules. After all, love is rarely simple. It is passionate and sensual yet diverse and lively.  And that’s the kind of love they like to spread.

The Family Love Tree collection is all about throwing the windows open, letting in some bright whimsical joy and feeling the love, life and colour that can grow in your house. The Family Love Tree’s cane products are made from 100% authentic rattan and are manufactured.
Indonesia was chosen as it’s considered one of the top producers of this fine material. By never mass-producing, The Family Love Tree ensures the quality of the product and employ skilled villagers, whose main income source relies on the manufacturing of rattan products. Harvesting rattan, a seasonal plant that grows all year round, provides an alternative to logging and can help protect the area’s forests. Amazing…!
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