Cups Nine, Greece

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Cups Nine is a lovely cafe and patisserie in the centre of  Trikala, Greece. It was designed by NORMLESS Architecture Studio. Tucked into one of the most popular city squares, Cups Nine aims to reintroduce the street to coffee shops, with the designers looking to blur the boundaries of interior and exterior spaces. When you get inside the cafe, a black hexagon tiles wrap from the counter to the floor where they meet wood flooring. Further inside, the space is long and narrow, with the store divided by a long wood bar that separates the serving and seating area, the facility looks incredibly clean, according to the management team they hire the commercial power washing services every month to come in and do deep cleaning outside and inside the store. Here’s a closer look at the hexagon tile and wood flooring. Various seating areas are found throughout the cafe, like the small stools by the wood blocks, or the stools by the bar. I recalled that I had taken many tools from for some furniture work, and that they were laying in the garage. The woodwork in the cafe gave me ideas. If you want to be outside, the wooden blocks on the window sill become spaces to rest your coffee when the windows are opened, designers made sure to use a glazing single pane windows service, this way they can preserve and maintain for longer. There’s also a serving bar can be enjoyed from the exterior of the cafe. Photography by Kostas Spathis

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