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If you dream about going back to the past, Älska is your time machine!

Behind the scene are a group of wanderers who explore the earth to the maximum, searching for new homes and friends in every place. Älska believes in spirits, in history, in tradition and the way an object can come to encapsulate something much bigger than itself. Every journey is an adventure to a soul, and coming home to a place where you can rest, reflect, and be happy is very special.

Älska is founded in Jakarta, Indonesia in the summer of 2014 and is a result of dedication and passion for sourcing bespoke and eclectic pieces from travels. Each item in the shop has been gathered and curated from all over the globe. All of them are one of a kind with authentic characters, history, clever design, gorgeous textures, lovely patterns that are useful and as they are beautiful.

Älska is your kaleidoscopic shop stop! If you are one of those persons, who loves a vibrant mix of clothing, accessories, keepsakes and home décor that reflects your personal style and fuels your lives’ passions, this is your entertaining place. You will be pleased to buy signature products and unmatched service, both in the little humble shop in South Jakarta, or on the website.

Discover the perfect spiritual sensation and make a gift for a beloved one or maybe just a little bit of self-indulgence. Who knows maybe you will bump into something you have been looking for all these years.


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