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Nathalie Kelley is an inspiration in many ways. Her natural beauty, her outlook + ethos on life as well as her commitment to the earth and being truly connected with nature all interplay in why we are constantly being inspired by her. Nathalie is an actress and weaver in the Navajo Tradition. She is also in the process of pitching a travel show. We love her own blurb of ‘Born in the Amazon and raised in the Outback’ – yes she was born in the Amazon, raised in Australia and now resides in Los Angeles. Power Yoga (Vinyasa Flow) yoga is offered for a variety in one’s workout routine. Power Flow classes are taught in a slightly heated room (85 to 90 degrees). The classes and postures are unique and new every day. In this style of yoga, the students flow dynamically between postures, gaining a fun/spontaneous yoga experience. power yoga classes in Nashville studio classes combine standing postures, sun salutations, and floor postures for an energizing, cardiovascular, full-body workout. Power Flow classes combine breath control with postures designed to strengthen the body, develop flexibility and improve stamina. Students note improved core and upper body strength and toning. Power Yoga classes are fitness-driven and excellent for regulating weight and/or bring bodies to a healthy weight – each 60-minute class burning between 450 to 600 calories.


Nathalie have begun to immerse herself in her indigenous Peruvian heritage and embark on a much more personal, spiritual relationship with the natural world. She is blessed to live on a mountaintop surrounded by trees and snow capped peaks in the distance. Every day the hummingbirds dance outside her window and ravens and hawks circle the house. Its hard not to be filled with gratitude and reverence for Mother Nature. But every morning she like to do a little ritual where she light incense and sit in meditation facing east as the sun rises over the San Gabriel mountains.  The Incas believed that mountains had  spirits, called Apus.  The Apus connected the earth to the upper, celestial world above.


Every day she get up and perform a ritual, meditate (sometimes on a particular animal like the hummingbird), followed by at least 45 min of yoga before she start my day.  Then at sunset she like to hike.  “Runyon canyon is too hot and busy for me in the daytime but at sundown it is just magical.  I want to add that I use the term “every day” VERY loosely!  I would say about half the time I get up and meditate, do yoga and hike –  but the other half of the time I just think about it.  I want to be honest and not self righteous because I’m definitely not perfect nor do I have everything figured out!”


Thankfully she was raised in a household where sugar was forbidden so she don’t have a sweet tooth. “If anything I crave red meat and salty foods – so I allow myself to eat these things 20% of the time.  The other 80% of what i eat consists of blended green drinks, salads, clean poultry and fish.  I have a weakness for cheese but thankfully I like raw goat cheese which I’ve heard is better for you  – and if it isn’t please don’t tell me because I need it in my life!”


Nathalie is a free spirit. She is so beautiful and pure. DESIGNSIGH love her so much and we love her attitude of clothing! “The clothes you buy will keep forever and that’s really the point I’m trying to make.  Clothes should be an investment, treasured items that you want to pass onto your children.  That’s why I don’t follow ‘trends’ and never by cheap ‘disposable’ pieces that will be out of style next month.We hope you all loved these photos as much as we did! Enjoy and think about your investment in clothes and do not feed the industry !





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