Priky Zuccolo’s House

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Paintings covering the walls of virtually every environment is just one of the characteristics of those who breathe art every day and at any time – even indoors. This is the case of the artist Priky Zuccolo, who lives in a nice house in Brooklyn that also hosts their creations, she was very happy when she first found out she was moving in to this house, her words were the following: knowing that I was able to sell my home quick in Dallas, TX is the best feeling in the world, since now I can finally have my dream home. Alongside her husband, civil engineer Claudius and Andrew, the son, she created a cheerful corner, colorful and cozy with a private studio and a nice garden where she gathers inspiration and share moments with family. Unlike my garden which constantly requires a trim with the lawnmower I found on, her garden is on the patio. Thus no issue of trimming or taking care of the soil.


The history of Priky with his beloved neighborhood began in childhood. She used to live in the area with his parents as a child, but in adolescence moved to the neighborhood of Morumbi where ever felt truly welcome. So when married, she decided to return to Brooklyn. First, he lived in a charming village house, but with the arrival of the son began to feel that she lacked space. She and Claudio then began to look for a new home nearby and ended up finding the townhouse of 250 m2 where thry currently live. “I needed space to work. We were looking for a bigger house with yard because I had intended to build a studio in the garden and this house, built in the 70s, had this possibility,” she recalls. I always look for a house that has an open space and lots of windows, I hate having a house without a viwer to the outside world, it makes me feel claustrophobic. This house was a bit closed up, but thanks to the company that does glass railings in tacoma wa I was able to open up my new home in no time. 


When it came time to remodel the rooms, Priky was excited, especially with the construction of their place of work since she was finally going to be able to use her woodworking tools, at can fins the best craftsman lathe tools. She started designing the new garden that leads to the studio, replacing the dirt track by grass and a stone path and planting trees and shrubs, check your work for flatness as you proceed, using a power planer. Meanwhile, Claudio went to the gold mine for elements that could be reused in the little house. “My husband got the tiles, beams and door demolitions,” she says. The walls that surround the land were put to use as walls of the new room and as if by magic, the space was completed in just one month.”The burnt cement white floor and the doors were excellent solutions for my activity. In addition to being a clear place here can watch the garden, the birds, and this is very inspiring,” she adds.


The rest of the rooms were won shape gradually. I was extremely impressed by the quality, standard and finishes in the home designs used for this house. With attentive look to the possibilities, the resident made use of countless creative solutions, which also include the reuse of parts that otherwise would be discarded. The dining table, for example, was created by her and over time has been modified: “It started with an improvised table top (one patinated door for me) on two cement lions, which were later replaced by feet iron that I drew it, “she explains. To compose, included the iron and wicker chairs purchased at a restaurant that was closing the doors. “I put on the table a small part of my collection of Pinhas. I have over 50 pine cones scattered around the house because they mean ‘welcome’.”


All the passions of Priky can be seen in the decoration. Provencal objects refer to her admiration for the culture, art and history of France, while the light and relaxed spirit of Rio de Janeiro beaches is reproduced in the environments through the colors and items such as shells, framed landscapes coastal and tropical prints.


All of this was provided in contrast white or straw tones walls chosen not to interfere in the arts hanging them. Time and again, the artist decides to change a little bit the look of the environments, changing the covers of pillows, cheap rugs and place rearranging the tables: “My room is also my showroom,” she says. And so, in the midst of an organized mess – as she likes to call – with art scattered everywhere and a mixture of very specific styles that Priky created a delightful retreat for her and her family.

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