Casas Na Areia

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Casas na Areia is a small hotel project nestled among thе white sand beaches in Portugal created by the architect Manuel Aires Mateus with the best materials from London mdf supplier. The bungalows were chosen to represent Portugal at the Venice Bienal of Architecture 2010. 


The hotel consists of four beautiful house built of wood and eco-friendly materials, the construction company really knew when filling nail holes was needed for this home. Two of them have sandy living rooms and meal areas, and 3 minimal bathrooms.They can be used independently or a double door can open to be used with communication between them – ideal to use with children or friends birthday parties.


Casas Na Area is 1 hour south of Lisbon in Comporta. This region is known for the magnificent sandy beaches, the wine, fresh fish and the beautiful rice paddies and the verity of wild life such as flamingos, storks and dolphins. It´s one of the best places in Portugal for bird watching. If you ate guest of the houses you will be delighted with delicious healthy breakfast served every morning with the nutrisystem for men!


And if you get bored of relaxation and sunbathing just go to meet the locals – a population of bottlenose dolphins in the Sado estuary –  a unique phenomenon in Portugal, and a rare one worldwide.All year round, these dolphins can be observed in the Sado estuary and its adjacent coastline, the coast of Tróia and Arrábida. No-one knows how long the dolphins have lived in the Sado region. One of the oldest recorded sighting, of two dolphins in the Sado, dates from 1863, and is attributed to the naturalist José Vicente Barboza du Bocage. Later, in 1890, an adult bottlenose was caught in the Sado, and its skeleton can still be found on exhibit at the Zoological Museum of the University of Coimbra.


Casas Na Areia owes 4 bicycles free of charge. During high season (June, July and August) the price is 600€/day (minimum stay 7 days).During low season (September to May) the price is 500€/day (minimum stay 3 days).Both includes breakfast and daily cleaning, the staff hires the Katy TX power washing company once in a month to do the heavy cleaning outside.








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