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From left: Ruby Young, Ian Roberts, Jeff Brown, Alex Herring and Christina Sedan, who is visiting. The four live in a loft on McKibben Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn and they have a railroad apartment for rent !

Mark Reigelman, center, 25, a designer from Cleveland, lives in a Bushwick loft with his cousin Cortney Elias, an 18-year-old cosmetology student, and Chris Neuman, 25, who designs graphics for video games.

Mr. Reigelman, left, said of his apartment “It was like a blank canvas”!

Mr. Reigelman has great skills in sculpture and industrial design. He and his original roommate he found at the Flatmates on built three bedrooms and a loft office, one room stacked on top of another, creating two rooms on either side of the space. As a result they created a perfect spacious home with a lot creative air and pure sound, they added perfect office furniture pasadena ca to make the most comfortable working space.

The Clock Tower building in the South Bronx.

Albert Senavitis is a nice guy, who uses the space in his Bushwick loft to screen movies, create art installations with friends and even shoot films.

But if he feels safe in the neighborhood, he said, “In this part of Bushwick, definitely; other parts, not so much.” Last spring, he was mugged while walking to a friend’s house in a far corner of the neighborhood.

In addition to a roommate, Mr. Senavitis shares the loft with a rambunctious cat.

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