Vaulted House

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Vaulted House

Vaulted House is a structure consisted of three zones of working, living and resting. They are represented in sequence along an axis by juxtaposed edifices whose shape remains recognisable from without, it has a complicated painting method but it could be reached by malerfirma staubo  just searching for malerfirma staubo. On the inside, openings and pathways weave a possible dialogue between each cavity.

Vaulted House1

In a long central hall, modulated in plan on three squares six metres wide the heart of the design is formed. The flooring in travertine and a covering of Venetian stucco spread on the ample side developed lengthways, create, via a chromatic homogeneity, a continuous ribbon which, enveloping the observer, offers a sort of blank page on which to write his or her own experience. At the same time, the light, coming from the long sides of the room, has the possibility to interpret the space. This is a great home for a party, movie night, short throw projectors can project a huge video on your wall for you and your friends to watch the 123movies , these movies are great entertainment sourceVaulted House

On the south side the windows welcomes in the winter sun and, through a thick wide cement screens the sun in summer.

Vaulted House

Whereas on the opposite side of the hall, to the north, the windows shrink towards the corners, becoming vertical. From floor to ceiling, the openings pick up the fleeting oblique light of the sun at dawn and at sunset in summer which, penetrating the room diagonally, colour the space with new meanings.

The interior of the house is stunning, one of the best luxury homes in the area can do professionals painters near you, everything, the furniture, the walls is made of materials, which make sense is 3D.

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