Colombiamoda 2012

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Images from the Agua Bendita backstage in Colombiamoda 2012 taking a close look to details of their latest collection “Lovely Heroes” with three different themes: Cowboy, military and glowing stars for the neon printed hues. Mariana and Catalina mixed in an eclectic way the masculine with the feminine, the shiny with the rough where I specially love the military group, the covers, jackets and the sick neon body suit that I been dreaming about already for couple of weeks…

Fashion, under a system, does not have a sole meaning. The colloquial meaning relates it to constant variations in collections and obsolescence plans previously assessed by the textile and clothing industry. Beyond this, fashion covers sociological, psychological and aesthetic changes implicit in architecture, visual and plastic arts, music, cosmetics, religion, politics, literature, decoration, gastronomy and clothing.

Colombiamoda 2012, the most powerful exhibition platform for all players of the Fashion System, gathering production, distribution channels , home line, leather goods, footwear and leather, jewelry and costume jewelry and specialized services for the sector with the Spring-Summer 2013 season trends making this space the best opportunity to conduct business.

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