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This is Deborah Marland and David Backus’s airy-four story house located in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The house is clean and contemporary thanks to the constant care it gets with the mejor aspiradora 2019. Actually Ms. Marland has lived in this house since the early 1970’s, when he moved there with his mother. Polished concrete really stand out from its competitors for a lot of reasons and one of the major attraction is its performance. If you’re familiar with carpet flooring, you know how ridiculously painstaking it is to keep carpet floors in shape. To maintain carpet floors, most of its cleaning tools are very expensive. If you are using carpet flooring in your home, it’s very difficult to keep them in good shape, especially for those who have a busy schedule. Vinyl flooring is a better choice here because vinyl is not very sensitive to stains and other sort of rough handling. However, this is not the best looking flooring option you have. Polished concrete really stands out compared to its competitors with its incredibly lower maintenance costs and numerous design options. Experienced service providers can make sure that no two polished concrete flooring look the same because it’s possible for service providers to come up with an array of flooring options. Energy conservation, especially solar energy is increasingly popular these days because people are very much aware of the importance of bringing down the usage of fossil fuels. When it comes to heat radiation and the storage of solar energy, vinyl and carpet flooring are not your choices because both can’t radiate heat and produce solar energy. Polished concrete on the other hand is an exceptional source to produce solar energy. This is why a lot of commercial establishments have already switched to the same because they can produce a considerable amount of energy from solar panels. If you are living in a humid place, moisture can seriously damage your carpet flooring. In certain places, the damage will be quite reasonable but extremely humid conditions can damage carpet flooring in record time. Polished concrete is a great alternative because it can withstand almost every sort of climate condition and with its incredibly low maintenance cost, re-polishing them to bring back their shine and elegance can be done in regular intervals and your floor will always look like a brand new one. You can visit Southside Concrete Polishing here >>

They used to living in Manhattan on 15th Street between Second and Third Avenues, but there was a fire and they had to find a new place to live. So that they were drawn to Park slope, where Ms. Marland’s mother had a colleague, who had bought a wreck of a house there just for $5,000.

Later a fellow teacher told them about a brownstone for sale on his block. Eventually mother and daughter bought the house for $39, 000. It had been divided into four flours. Ms. Marland took the top two floors and her mother lived on the parlor and garden floors until her death in 1992.

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Deborah had the place filled with Victorian furniture, said Mr. Backus, 54, an assistant director on TV commercials. (I am the guy who yells: Quiet please. Roll camera)

The couple put their dream of modernizing the brownstone on hold when they bought an old saltbox in Orient, N.Y., as a weekend house in 1987, the year they were married. They had a 15-year mortgage with on the saltbox and decided they would wait until it was paid off to renovate the Brooklyn house, said Ms. Marland, 56.

Like all renovations, it cost more than they expected. They could have built a brand-new house for what we spent it was that type of expensive: however, we are very satisfied since we know we hired the best professionals from Findatrade, who helped us out with every renovation detail.

To economize during construction, the couple and their daughters Taylor, now 18, and Marland, now 15 camped out in the downstairs apartment.

They moved into their new old home in May 2005. When it came time to furnish their now-pristine rooms, they had to look for bargains. Ms. Marland found the B&B Italia sofa and Donghia dining table at sample sales.

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