Singapore Fashionable Paradise

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singapore haji lane

Haji Lane in the heart of Singapore is a historic Kampong Glam neighborhood, which become a meeting place for the city’s anti-mall crowd who buy upscale vintage clothing at fanciful boutiques.¬†


Soon Lee sells women’s handbags, clothing and accessories. Even if you are the type who prefers shopping for clothes online, you’ll find something great here. High-quality products and Soon Lee offers wonderful customer service. If you want wide varieties hats, click on


“Know It Nothing” is a smartly curated menswear shop in a minimalist loft-style space. It also has a tiny gallery. The retail area features nerd-chic button-down shirts, imported all the way from the Cleveland-based independent label Wrath Arcane, and Vans.


Outside of Cosmic, which sells men’s clothing and music.


A Michael Jackson and Jimi Hendrix display at Cosmic.


Pluck is half store, half ice cream parlor and offers the latest from independent interior designers.


Shoes and purses on display at Victoria Jomo.


Dresses for sale at Duplex.

However there are shops in Singapore’s Kampong Glam neighborhood that have been selling Indonesian batik textiles and Muslim prayer carpets for almost a hundred years.

Photos by: Basil Childers

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