Osler House, Brazil

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Osler House is a spacious family house in Brazil with sophisticated tiles made by the artist Athos Bulcao. The artist’s modular tiles are an outstanding feature incorporated into the modern architecture of the city.

The classic tiles of Athos are here in this house of 250m2 which takes on other designs of the modern city: the windows, the concrete, the plant. Two volumes and a small pool and garden compose the organization of the entire program.

On the first floor, the rooms open out using rotating wooden panels, which are reminiscent of other elements frequently used in the modernist city. Throughout this area there is cross-ventilation. The small foyer in the entrance connects to the second floor with a delicate staircase.

The second floor is made of glass and concrete and is supported by stilts. The living room is in spatial continuity with the kitchen. On the roof of the ground floor, connected to the living room, the garden terrace extends the external area.


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