Idaho Desert House

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This magnificent house was created by Jan McFarland Cox, who is an artist and designer, spent nearly a decade of her life building the house in the Idaho Desert. The house is built around a single large room that mixtures kitchen, living room and dining areas, because of its location, the house has a water heater repair service of its own, temperatures can be extremely low, making it impossible to perform daily tasks without the use of heaters,and that included a water fix,if this happens to you check for a Plumber Near You. Click on Water Heater Reviews Site for more details.

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In the picture Ms. Cox looking out a window offering stunning views of the constantly changing scenery of the Pioneer Mountains. The living room of the house has a fireplace with a five-foot opening, a vintage sofa and red stools.

The twings chairs at the dining table are by Don King.

The kitchen has Carrara marble counters, almost a foot deeper than standard counters.

A narrow staircase of recycled fir leads up to a mezzanine bedroom supported by exposed beams.

Her office is decorated with large photos by Ms. Cox (shown at her desk). Ms. Cox, whose father was an architect, first came to Idaho’s Wood River Valley on a ski trip as a child.

Now divorced, found herself looking for “a life project,” and a new house seemed to fit the bill.

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