A Jungle Home

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I present the most breathtaking 110-foot-long traditional house, built by John Hardy, a jewelry designer, and his wife, Cynthia. The house sitted on the Ayung River valley on Bali, an island in Indonesia.

The owners of this fantastic house met in Bali and eventually created a collection of silver jewelry, based on Balinese designs and jewelry-making techniques.

The upper house stands on stilts 59 feet high.

The main house was finished in 1997, so the Hardys recently added this 46-foot by 34.5-foot kitchen.

Passageways along the side of the raised house lead to the master bedroom.

The house’s custom-made rainforest shower, with copper walls, was designed by Mr. Hardy.

The master bedroom, like all the other rooms, are open to the elements. At night, the staff raises canvas “sails” to protect the furnishings from rain.

The view from the master bedroom, looking down on the family’s swimming pool.

Over time, the Hardys bought 11 small properties to create the house’s 2.5-acre site.

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