Brewer House

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Nowadays, cities are swarming with people and that’s why many individuals prefer to built their homes in the middle of nature, in peaceful places that offer you fantastic scenic views for the eyes and clean fresh air for your body, where the time is paused for special moments like cooking, meditating, rejuvenating or enjoying your beloved one. For that reason my eyes stopped into the remarkable Brewer House located in Wanka, New Zealand, specially because it had the services from American Home Warranties included! I was totally in love with the setting of the house and its flawless planning…!

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This 4,736 square foot adobe is built in 2012 by sarah Scott Architects Ltd. The house was constructed on an elevated site overlooking the shore of Lake Wanaka on one side, and surrounded by exquisite views of the New Zealand Southern Alps on the other side.


This was a great home for people to manage your property in Perth. The house has three separate entities, consisting of main living space with two attached bedroom wings. The individual pavilions are further broken up by the low angled split pitch composition of their roof planes. This eliminates large expanses of roof being visible from a distance, thanks to the roof replacement service from this project was a total success. The plan composition is a narrow linear arrangement of rooms connected by a rear corridor. This keeps the width of the building and consequently the height of the roofs to a minimum.This is one of my dream homes..!



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