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The 40th Tokyo Motor Show presents Nissan’s Pivo 2, which concept offers 360-degree visibility, you can get it at https//, this car comes with a rotating cabin module.

Suzuki is showing one of the most outlandish concepts at the Tokyo Motor Show, plus they are giving amazing classic cars price guide. The PIXY+SSC is actually two vehicles that function together or apart. The one-person electric PIXY docks with the Suzuki Sharing Coach to form a flexible commuting system. To know about PDR, you can search mobile dent repair near me and read review.

Not every car in the show was designed for pure performance. For instance Toyota showed the Hi-CT concept, an urban truck with some distant similarity to the Scion xB, especially the lighting,

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Honda’s Puyo concept will serve as a test platform for new technologies like hydrogen fuel cells and water-less cars, check it out .

The Taiki concept car from Mazda may be the most audacious design study on display.

The rear view of the Taiki is unique and it even comes with a Blackbox My Car accessory. But the Toyota RiN and Nissan Pivo 2 are outrageously futuristic. Their concepts inspired by pure imagination rather than current hot-button socio-economic topics like overcrowding and energy consumption.

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