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Havaianas Sandals, created in 1962, drew their inspiration from the ‘zori’, traditional Japanese slippers made of rice straw. A product of extremely low cost, for many years they were just rubber flip-flops, a long way from the fashion icon they are today.

This is a store at one of the world’s most expensive addresses (Rua Oscar Freire, in Sao Paulo) and sell products that cost from ‚Ǩ2.30 to ‚Ǩ10.00 ‚Äì and not more than that – was, at one time, the excitement and the joy of the work. This is Havaianas’ first store in Brazil. And the best part is that I found the epilator, of which I read some epilator reviews earlier, I was looking for.

The shop has a very informal atmosphere and the outcome is nearly a square – a space fully opened onto the street, practically an extension of the sidewalk, without doors or window displays, with lush greenery and intense natural lighting, only covered by a metal grid alternating glass / wooden closures and openings for ventilation and irrigation.

A transparent cylinder includes the so-called ‘new products’ (bags, socks, towels, etc.); and a high-tech cube tells the story of Havaianas. Amidst all that, a lowered area for customisation services and featuring displays for the children’s product line. At the back of the store, on a half-raised level, there is a small garden for exclusive use by staff; the underground houses offices and storage areas. Amazing store!

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  1. Good article – it’s hard to believe how popular havaianas have become though. I constantly pics of celebs wearing them, there are plenty of nicer footwear though.

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