Izola Housing, Slovenia

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Izola Housing

The project is award winning entry in a competition convoked by the Slovenia Housing Fund, which is a government-run programme that is providing low-cost apartments for young families.

Izola Housing

The blocks are located on a hill with a lovely view of Izola Bay on one side and of the surroundings hills on the other.

Izola Housing

The structure has 30 apartments of different sizes varying from studio flats to 3-bedroom apartments. The apartments are small, with minimum-sized rooms according to the Slovenian standards.

Izola Housing

The project proposed a veranda for each flat.

Izola Housing

A textile shade protects the balcony and apartment from prying eyes, yet due to its semi-transparency allows the owner to enjoy the views of the bay. Perforated side-panels allow summer breeze to ventilate the space.

Izola Housing

The strong colors create various atmosphere in each apartment. The small rooms become visually bigger because the textile shade creates a perspective effect that connects part of the exterior with the interior.

Izola Housing

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