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Cheapo Footwear

Cheapo Footwear is a fashion accessory company Blammo AB with the label Blammo Random Accessories. You can read the reviews of this footwear on shoehero. Foreseeing the boom in vulcanized shoes, they introduced a line of fashionable canvas sneakers in 2005 which are packed in Pizza boxes. The success appeared quickly and within 2 seasons Cheapo Footwear was the fastest selling Scandinavian label for vulcanized shoes.

Cheapo Footwear

Cheapo maintain a non-conformist and antagonistic approach to youtube marketing, advertisment, design and product development. They have a different perspective, due to the fact that their roots in contemporary street culture are very solid. At the same time, their knowledge and experience in the world of progressive fashion is really strong. They create original and affordable shoes by mixing influences from street and fashion and never taking the obvious route.

Cheapo Footwear

Today, Cheapo/Blammo is a company with a total of 15 people that creating, dancing and laughing all the way through 2008 and beyond. They work with a define and marked marketing strategy thanks to which was leaded to a boost in the industry, the colorful and fun design has increase their imagination, their new website is even more stunning. There is no way to stop them , so why don’t you join them and maybe you will get a glimpse of the what it is to live in their world.

Cheapo Footwear

Photographs by: Knotan

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