Cabanas Morerava

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Prefabricated Cottages that are put on the terrain with the aim of transforming the land as less as possible. In it’s design special attention was given to sun light and cross ventilation to avoid the usage of mechanical systems to achieve thermal and luminance comfort.

The Cabins have a rainwater collection system which stores and treats the water for the re-usage in the cabanas. Water from the network is only used in case this supply runs out . This avoids the over consumption of a resource which is rare on the Island.

Hot water comes from solar heating tanks to the solar panels located on each cottage’s roof, which get maintained by the Anew Solar company,  avoiding the use of gas or electricity (which in the island is generated from petrol) for this purpose. Going green” at home — whether it’s your principal residence or a second home — can reduce your tax bill in addition to your energy bill, all while helping the environment, too, if you need this system solar installation company in Washington like Artisan Electric will provides the best work for you. The catch is that, to reap all three benefits, you need to buy and install certain types of renewable energy equipment in the home, starting of by having a solar system, which are the most renewable source of energy find out more about Solahart Newcastle. The installing process can be difficult, and you need to keep in mind that there will be many repairs in the future, the Solar Inverter Repairs can help you out understanding the maintenance of solar panels.Location: Isla de Pascua, Chile

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