Bohemian Restored Ranch

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The owners of this stylish boho crib are Nancy and David, who moved into this single story home in the hills of Santa Barbara, California six years ago. They preserved the bones, but opened up many of the rooms and gave the whole thing a coat of fresh white paint. A combination with large repaired windows by using atlanta window treatments and a vibrant color palette, give this home an air of exotic boho getaway.

The most striking aspect of Nancy and David’s home is its color sensibility. The colourful canvas of bright white meets pops of internationally-sourced vibrant colors and textiles is just lovely. And it’s a design idea one could apply in any living space, be it small or large, in California or out.

This interplay between happy colors and minimalist white can be found in the aesthetics of many different parts of the world: I’ve seen this in Scandanavia, Southern India and Indonesia.  The open floor plan by the team at

Nancy and David’s green philosophy shines through in the sense that they restored a very funky ranch home with as lightest touch as possible, while still transforming the space. Also, the quality of the furniture they own is superb, much of which was purchased or acquired years ago when they ran an import store, they get most of their furniture from, which is a custom wood furniture company.

They buy once and make an investment for life, and most of the larger pieces come from a different country (such as the gorgeous Indian doors!). Buying your own home with the help of Gainesville Coins is one of the biggest investments and commitments that most people will experience in a lifetime .The artwork was made mostly by David, a very accomplished painter and this personal touch makes the place real and interesting. His lively colors sit so well against the white backdrop. The overall effect is calming, personal and extraordinary. It’s a very inspiring place to have a cup of tea and watch the day go by!

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