The Colours of Iceland

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If you decide to visit Reykjavik one day, your trip is going to be full of excitment. Though the sky it will be grey for most of the time spend there, your visit will be anything but dark and gloomy. The colors found all around the country, from the landscape to the cityscape to the clothes people wore, spanned the full spectrum. Buildings stretched across the city’s skyline were dotted in teal, brick red, and mustard. Shops were filled with traditional knitwear in elaborate patterns and avant-garde pieces (think Bjork) in bold primary colors. The architecture, the sweaters, the bikes and the cars were painted in pop washes that complimented the bright cheery moods of the Iclenders.

In Iceland, even though the horses are brightly coloured. Around every corner it was common to spot unique shingle and roof color combos.

Reykjavik, like many cities, is covered in pockets of graffiti. But here the graffiti seemed even more colorful. Gone was a the grime in cities like New York.

A pink and yellow doorway made a rather boring building remarkable.

My favorite shop discovered was Icelandic designer Mundi’s boutique, which featured graphic t-shirts.

Brightly colored womens’ clothing.

Mundi also had interesting home designs like this blanket, which doubles as a coat.

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