Southern California House

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South California House

This birdlike house is located on a hillside overlooking the ocean in Southern California. The architect is Tom Kundig, who describes the house as a small building that landed lightly on the landscape. Kundig is familiar with breathtaking scenery and many of his houses sites where nature played a big role in the design.

South California House

The house is shaped like a T. There is 100-foot-long entryway flanked by two guest rooms and a garage, leads to a glass-and-steel box that contains the living and dining area and the master bedroom.

South California House

The pool is directly in line with the living room and is partly shaded by the flaring roof that covers this end of the house.

South California House

By covering the front door and hallway, the roof protects the house from the sun, channels prevailing breezes to minimize the need for air-conditioning and can collect rainwater as well.

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  1. The pictures don’t display exactly how the rooms are situated in the house. But there’re 4 rooms (1 spacious living room, kitchen,2 bedrooms, each one with bathroom)!

  2. I don’t like this house at all!! i just don’t like how on top of the house there is this thing that comes out really far but i would love to live high in the mountains right next to the beach hey, but that’s just my opinion

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