Private House, Vienna

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Private House

This spacious beautiful house is situated in a small village in the hillsides near Vienna, Austria. The house was restored from a small inn into family home. In the 1980’s the inn repeatedly changed hands and the place started deteriorating until finally it was up on the market again and the family bought back the site.

Private House

It was the wish of the client to build a new family home. The new building was carefully planted between the old existing trees and is set to the old building in such a way to allow for best views and optimum use of the garden.

Private House

As well as the new house consists of a ‘public’ and a ‘private’ tract, which are arranged in two separate buildings? The entrance is situated at the gateway between the buildings. Privacy and vistas are the fundamental design factors. The main design element is the roof, which emerges out of the terrain like rolling hills.

Private House

Cold winters and hot summers predominate the area. A low energy standard was reached by using triple glazing elements, 20cm of insulation around the building and the orientation to the sun. The existing trees as well as an automatic marquee along the west faсade with a 3m cantilever, extending the slope of the roof, prevent the building from solar gain in the summer. The concrete and the clay brickwork provide a substantial thermal mass to counterbalance the temperature changes.

Private House

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