Modern Scotish House

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This wonderful new home of Peter and Jennifer Drummond is located in the rural area about 60 miles north of Edinburgh and has provoked some strong reactions. People either love it or hate it. However it’s fair to say that visitors who are initially shocked by the sight of the house in the landscape love it once they’re inside.

The Shed, as the couple prosaically call their house, is a modern take on local farm buildings. In lieu of a slate roof, there is one made of zinc, a material that reflects the color of the sky in all its “four seasons in one day” variations, Mr. Drummond said. The bricks on the exterior are the shade of the plowed soil in the surrounding landscape during the winter, which can be seen through floor-to-ceiling windows. In the summer, the view is of golden fields of wheat.

Ms. Drummond, 56, was in charge of the interiors, insisting on dark walnut floors to contrast with the white walls in the double-height living area.

The master bedroom, on the second floor, overlooks the living area. All three upstairs bedrooms have an attic feel, with sloped ceilings. There is also a fourth bedroom, downstairs, which serves as a guest room.

The studio where Ms. Drummond does her crafts is also upstairs — along with what she calls a “wee escape hatch” that leads to a balcony connecting to an adjoining building with a garage and workshop.

Mr. Drummond said. “It was great seeing everything come to fruition from the planning stages right through to the final details. Everything seemed to click into place. And it’s such a great location. We’ve nothing around here to bother us, just the pheasant that patrols the area.”

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