Fashion Institute of Design

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Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Orange County campus, sought an exuberant architecture which would support and enhance the learning experience. In addition to accommodating 200 hundred students and 50 staff, the school possesses a large collection of valuable books, garments and fabrics.

The campus is a student-centered educational institution built on a ‘village’ plan that connects all aspects together, making individual parts of the school’s operations visible to users. Utilizing the idea of a loop punctuated by functional events, the different aspects of the school are tied together.

Bright colors infused into the floor finish, seating and millwork reflects the exuberance of the fashion world, while a classrooms ate neutral white and grey. The college was a hit with students, staff and visitors. Since its competition in 2002 student enrollment has increased 400%.

Design by Clive Wilkinson Architects, 2002; Type: Educational: Area of 53, 000 SF.

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  1. i really hope this is how it looks NOW and not when it first opened. and if that is how it looks now, than I CAN’T WAIT 2 GET THERE NEXT WEEK!!!!!!! IT LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL!! and the library looks SO AMAZING!!! (libraries are my favorite places in the whole school)

  2. this is the most beautiful campuses of F.I.D.M, i loved this campus it’s so organized, it really caught my eye.

  3. hi.. i m kashifa dsena i love ur instituted of F.I.D.M
    n i love 2 join it for fashion design bye … 🙂

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