Computer Science And Engineering Building

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Diamond Michigan

The Computer Science and Engineering building is a beautiful structure, which accommodates stylish offices, modern laboratories and teaching spaces on the north Campus of the University of Michigan.

Diamond Michigan

Two classrooms, a computer laboratory, and a range of building services are housed into the slope, sheltered by the earth. A series of terraced courtyards providing landscaped gardens.

Diamond Michigan

The 102,000 square foot structure serves approximately 900 undergraduates, 300 graduate students, and 51 faculty members. This includes computing labs, classrooms (60 seats and 120 seats), conference rooms, and student project space.

Diamond Michigan

High indoor environmental quality is a key feature of the building. Each office is placed on the perimeter of the building, is naturally lit, and has an operable window. Daylight is into the building by using transom windows in corridors, and through the extensive placement of skylights that cover a four-storey atrium space and a long linear stair. The addition of the skylights allows spaces on the interior of the building to benefit from natural light.

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