Australian Paradise

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DesignSigh is very excited today to share something a little different!Take a long look at this tropical paradise nestled among lush treetops in Cairns,North Queensland, Australia! The owners are Jesse Bennett, and his wife, interior designer Anne-Marie Campagnolo.


The house is a personal project for husband and wife design team (Jesse Bennett (an architect and builder) and Anne-Marie Campagnolo (an interior designer)). Through the whole project they were near, on camp while the house is constructed!It was done 6 months ago, when they officially moved in!


Jesse and Anne-Marie has their own small design studio!They create both architectural and interior design services, as well as selling their own range of handcrafted timber fixtures, and soon, their own range of handmade furniture. The design and structure of their private home was the ultimate all-consuming creative collaboration for this talented duo.



The house was constructed on a sloping site, where the executors faced challenges during the build. The dwelling is erected of robust materials featuring concrete and glass! These elements were mixed with a colourful interior scheme which gives warmth and personality of the place. A whole variety of custom built and vintage furniture, carefully selected textiles and playful art pieces form a striking contrast to the serene landscape beyond the windows.


Jesse and Anne-Marie create various custom finishes, fixtures and bespoke furniture. One particularly treasured piece is the pink curved couch, which wraps elegantly around the perimeter of the TV room, giving kindhearted seating with an unusually rare, streamlined portrait.


For Jesse, without a doubt the best part of living here is the way this house  integrates with the surrounding landscape, and embraces the tropical climate, rather than fighting it. ‘We hear the rainforest sounds and see the changing growth of the forest through the seasons’ Jesse explains. ‘It’s really beautiful and serene – and makes us feel both inspired and thankful everyday’







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